..and looking for Bonnie (Parker)

Everyone knows who Bonnie Parker and Clyde Barrow is.

My current task is to connect one Opal Parker of MN to Ms. Bonnie Parker of TX.

I’m not having any luck so fair….But verbal family history indicates that Bonnie Parker is Opal’s niece.  I just haven’t been able to connect it yet.



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2 Responses to “..and looking for Bonnie (Parker)”

  1. Teki Says:

    My great grandmothers grandmother was an Opal Parker. My Great Grandmother lived in Oklahoma. I was told by family, that my Great Grandmothers grandmother was the Opal Parker you are speaking of. Whethere it’s true or not, I dont know. Did the Opal Parker you are speaking of ever have any children or grandchildren that settled in Oklahoma?

    • caliphoenix Says:

      My Opal Parker had one child for sure that I know of but they stayed in MN. Opal Parker (MN) Married Christy Spitzak and had at least one child Joyce Marie….I’d love to know the history of your Opal

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